Are You REALLY LinkedIn?

As you know, social media sites are the next frontier in advertising. Studies have shown that professionals on with updated and active profiles get great results!

Consider the numbers:

  • The average age of a LinkedIn user is 41 with a $110K income.
  • Every Fortune 500 company is listed/represented on LinkedIn.
  • Communicating through LinkedIn makes you 30 times more likely to get a response than through a direct e-mail or phone call.
  • Having a COMPLETE profile on LinkedIn will drastically improve your SEO results. You can include up to three URLs in your profile that are indexed by Google and other search engines, as well as create your own LinkedIn URL that is searchable.

Millennium Personnel began our “Are You LinkedIn” Program as a service to our loyal clients to help them amass more business in this tough economy. Due to the success of the program, we have developed a Social Media Division geared to getting our clients new contacts and helping them to establish themselves as experts in their industry by the use of LinkedIn.

Our specialists will not only post you on LinkedIn, but help you use it as an effective marketing tool by updating your profile, changing the verbiage to give you a stronger presence in SEO searches, posting discussions pertaining to your industry, as well as listing articles about your field of expertise, thus helping you find the right contacts to elevate your business.

For a minimum investment you will generate optimum results and profits.

For more information call Joanne Ognibene at 212-244-2777 and ask about our social media services.

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