Looking For Employees?

Millennium Personnel Corp. has three staffing programs that can eliminate the time, money, and stress associated with recruiting, screening, and hiring new office support staff for your organization.

Traditional Temporary Placement

  • Long-term positions such as special projects and production peaks.
  • Short-term emergency staffing or vacation and sick leaves.

Temporary to Permanent Placement

  • Millennium's most unique option, because there is no cost or fee to you.
  • Interview pre-qualified applicants for your permanent position.
  • For a 65 working day trial period the employee is on our payroll. You are billed at an hourly rate commensurate with the salary you are planning to pay them, plus reimbursement for payroll taxes.
  • Temp. to permanent. allows you to feel secure with your hiring decision before the employee is transferred to your payroll, because there is no obligation to keep them unless you are 100% satisfied.

Traditional Permanent Placement

  • Eliminates the pre-screening process.
  • One time, flat fee billing, based on a percentage of salary.

Regardless of the program you choose, you receive only applicants who have been pre-screened, tested, and interviewed by us. You only interview the most qualified applicants. You save time reviewing dozens of resumes from inappropriate applicants. You save money on costly newspaper ads and eliminate all benefits costs such as insurance, vacation, and sick pay.

Why not give us a try? Interview one or two of our best applicants and see how they compare to other people you are seeing through your current source. We have applicants available to be interviewed now! Call Joanne Ognibene for more information at 212-244-2777.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

With 15 years of experience in the New York City job market, Millennium Personnel Corp. has a history of creating long-lasting relationships between employers and employees.

We have the keen ability to select the right candidate for the right job because we ASK the right questions. Then our staffers take the time to LISTEN to both our client companies and our job seekers so we can make matches that last. Millennium Personnel Corp. gets superior results from devoting all of our resources, personal attention and experience to each and every placement we make.

We are committed to your success.

Success Stories

Millennium Personnel Corp. is a company that will put the needs of their clients first. They make sure that they find the temporary associates that match our needs. Working with Millennium Personnel has made it very easy to find employees that are exceptional.

All StoriesShaniqua D. (Real Estate, Manhattan, N.Y.)