At Millennium Personnel Corp. our job is to find you the best positions in New York City. After coming in for an interview, we'll evaluate your skills, and we'll then enter you into our database. This will allow us to match you with job positions as we receive them.


In most cases positions will be given to you over the phone by one of our managers. After you confirm your availability to work an assignment, you will be given a complete job description, duration, client location, and pay rate. As you are not an employee of the firm to which you are assigned, you will be responsible for contacting Millennium Personnel if:

You are running late or not able to appear for an assignment. Your job description changes from what you were originally hired to do. The duration of your assignment has changed. You encounter any problems while on an assignment. A company wants to hire you permanently. Your assignment is ending and you are available for another assignment.

We Are Available 24 Hours A Day — 7 Days A Week!

Payroll Procedure:

As an employee of Millennium Personnel Corp., it is advisable to keep an adequate supply of time sheets. A time sheet must be completed for each week you work. The time sheet must have your name, your social security number, week ending date and authorized signature of our client. You must use separate time sheets for each assignment you work in any given week. All lunch time is deducted from the total hours that you record each day. By law, all employees are entitled to at least one half hour lunch. Time and one half will be paid for all hours in excess of forty (40) hours per week (Monday through Sunday).


We must receive your FAXED time sheet no later than 11:00 AM on Friday of each week. Any time sheets received AFTER that will be processed the FOLLOWING week. You must bring in your original time sheet when you pick up your check. If you choose to have your check mailed, we must receive your original time sheet before the check can be mailed out.
Checks can be picked up after 12 noon on Wednesday.


Image is a very important part of succeeding in today's business world. As an employee of Millennium Personnel Corp., we expect everyone to be appropriately dressed to work in a corporate office environment. NO ONE should be wearing jeans (any color), sneakers, stretch pants, sweat pants or warm ups to an assignment. Gentlemen should always wear a dress shirt and tie to an assignment (jacket preferred).

What sets us apart from our competitors?

With 15 years of experience in the New York City job market, Millennium Personnel Corp. has a history of creating long-lasting relationships betwen employers and employees.

We have the keen ability to selct the right candidate for the right job because we ASK the right questions. Then our staffers take the time to LISTEN to both our client companies and our job seekers so we can make matches that last. Millennium Personnel Corp. gets superior results from devoting all of our resources, personal attention and experience to each and every placement we make.

We are committed to your success.

Success Stories

Millennium Personnel Corp. is a company that will put the needs of their clients first. They make sure that they find the temporary associates that match our needs. Working with Millennium Personnel has made it very easy to find employees that are exceptional.

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