Why would an employer choose to hire a temp?

  • Because they may be unsure about future economic times and don't want to commit to hiring someone permanently, only to have to let them go if they need to make budget cuts
  • Temps have a chance to gain experience in a variety of industries and therefore have a wider skill set
  • Temporary employees have to be very adaptable to different environments and "hit the ground running" without a lot of downtime
  • Many temps bring experience from prior assignments to the firm and may have a new perspective on current conditions that a permanent employee might overlook
  • The employment agency takes care of all the back office responsibilites, such as payroll and record keeping, tax filings, etc.

Success Stories

Millennium Personnel Corp. is a company that will put the needs of their clients first. They make sure that they find the temporary associates that match our needs. Working with Millennium Personnel has made it very easy to find employees that are exceptional.

All StoriesShaniqua D. (Real Estate, Manhattan, N.Y.)