Why would a job seeker choose to temp?

  • Flexibility because you pick your schedule
  • Get your feet wet in a particular industry that you may not be familiar with and see how you like it; this can be extremely useful if you are undecided about your career path
  • Earn extra spending cash while finishing your education
  • Gain experience to build up your resume
  • Opportunity to keep skills fresh, while keeping up with current technology
  • Learn a new skill set, while still having a stream of income Possibility of a permanent position in the future
  • Network with and meet multiple individuals at a company and showcase your skills in the hopes of finding permanent employment
  • Temping is great for anyone who enjoys a changing and stimulating environment

Success Stories

Millennium Personnel Corp. is a company that will put the needs of their clients first. They make sure that they find the temporary associates that match our needs. Working with Millennium Personnel has made it very easy to find employees that are exceptional.

All StoriesShaniqua D. (Real Estate, Manhattan, N.Y.)